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The path to an inclusive, balanced and sustainable growth

The Smart City concept is an approach to urban management and development to make cities more liveable, workable and sustainable. The applications of technologies make this concept more practical and economical for urban populations and city managers. Smart City is considered an ideal approach that we can use to act and react to urban and urbanisation challenges, readdressing how cities and human settlements are planned, designed, financed, developed and governed.


At Genaxis, people are at the centre of our endeavours. Therefore, we define Smart City as “the concerted urban management approach that places people at the centre of its initiatives, and that applies various technologies to enhance and improve its citizens’ lives.”


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Unified Operation and Management

It offers a centralised and real time collaboration environment to manage, monitor and operate different vertical services, whether new or existing, providing an integral vision of the city through a single tool.


Analytical Decision Making​

It has analytical and simulation capabilities, which allow predictions to be made about what will happen from the reproduction of action procedures used in similar situations or events of the past that have been registered in the system, making it possible to generate more and more public services adapted to the needs of the citizen.


Executive Dashboard

Based on the management of indicators segmented by service area. It allows evaluating the main indicators of the city, its positioning with respect to other cities, the degree of compliance with the campaigns launched, the main incidents and performance of vertical services, as well as assessing citizen perception.

What We Offer

A comprehensive and customisable solutions to Smart City:

Phase 1 – Smart City Blueprint

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Our Smart City blueprint features concerted strategies to spur innovations and collaborations around Smart City and the policies and technologies governing and driving it. It will focus on the initiatives, how they are identified, established, organised, and administered, and how the community can engage in their development and implementation.


The Smart City blueprint is manifested on the works done by applying the three-staged approach with a significant focus on co-creation. This approach allows our clients to focus on different deliverables at each phase and to engage with various stakeholders more systematically. The process also provides our clients with opportunities to review every deliverable and output before making the final report.


Key features:

  • Stage 1: Current state analysis

  • Stage 2: Future state scenarios

  • Stage 3: Strategic recommendations

Phase 2 – Smart City Implementation

To ensure the success of the implementation of initiatives recommended in the Smart City Blueprint, we introduce a single integrated smart city platform – Intelligent City. Intelligent City integrates all internal systems and data using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Analytics to manage city data efficiently and to allow city authorities and residents to access them.


Features of Intelligent City:

  • Integration
    Integrates all city internal systems and applications. A single platform that allows data to be accessed and shared by internal departments and city management.

  • Big Data Analytics – Urban Observatory
    Centralises platform for city big data analytics. Captures and analyses aggregated data from city IoT through integration with ITIS, Video Command Centre, GIS and other external data feed. Provides data driven city planning and smart city initiatives monitoring. Centre for monitoring and management of all Smart City initiatives in compliance to SDGs.

  • City Dashboard – Urban Observatory
    All city data and initiatives indicators are monitored through a customised dashboard. Allows management to efficiently monitor all indicators and make faster data driven decision.

  • Living Innovation
    Hub for development and proof of concept of Smart City solutions. Provides a place for developers and partners to test Smart City solutions, showcase Smart City innovations and run innovation programs.


Benefits of Intelligent City:​

  • Citizens

    • Single access to all city services.

    • Targeted programmes to improve economy.

    • Community empowerment by through interaction and contribution of ideas to improve quality of life.

  • Government

    • Integrated systems and services on a single platform for efficient management.

    • Ease of data sharing between departments and agencies.

    • Single city dashboard with real time data and fast communications.

    • Smart maintenance and monitoring of assets and environment.

  • Business

    • Larger audience to smart products and services with access to city data and communities.

    • Sandbox – Living Innovation which will use the latest city infrastructures such as 5G.

    • Wider and deeper collaborations between government and private sector.​

  • Visitors

    • Access to city happenings, places of interest and popular culture

    • Promote city arts, culture and heritage activities.

    • Real time information of city smart mobility and public transportation.

    • Safe and cultured travel experience.

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