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We work together with you to envision your future digital enterprise

Genaxis Group is now widely considered as the leading management consulting firm in business optimisation, revenue enhancement, cost reduction, and digital transformation. As the trusted advisor, problem solver, and solution provider; we help transform today’s value into thriving opportunity for our clients to protect their future business risks. At Genaxis, we have a collective inventory of experience and knowledge turned insights. With our vast strength in capabilities and resources, we can assess your needs and targets objectively and offer most insightful and practical solutions. Our consultants practice dynamic interaction to help implement and manage solutions that best fit your strategy, priority, direction, performance, and management.

As a consulting agency that is dedicated to improving the performance of any organisation, we ensure we use the best methods, advice and tools that are fast and efficient in order to create a robust change in the work environment.


One of our key methods is ensuring results is to ensure that we have a close collaboration and relation with our clients, in accordance with the following principles:


  • Providing direct and thorough assessments of our client’s needs and provide the necessary advice accordingly

  • Offering honest and open feedback to our clients as a key tool in creating and maintaining client’s relationship is through a two-way open communication

  • Encouraging and receiving constructive and honest open feedback from our clients in order for us to also improve ourselves and provide better consulting services to our clients


Standing firm in our principle that business revolution and transformation is the cornerstone towards better results and great achievements, we take extra pride in the integrity and professionalism we bring in all collaboration we have with our clients. At Genaxis, we believe that we provide more than just consultancy services, but we build trustworthy and long-withstanding relationships with all our clients.

Corporate Structure & Subsidiaries


We are part of Dagang NeXchange Berhad (DNeX), which is listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia. Hence, we subscribe to DNeX’s Mission and Core Values so that we move in tandem with DNeX Group of Companies in achieving our aspirations.


In charting our business course and direction, we strategically partnered with like-minded corporate entities and industry leaders locally and internationally in embracing rapidly changing technologies, forming economies of scale and enhancing competitiveness in our efforts to set a new standard for emerging technology.

Board of Directors



Nuraslina Zainal Abidin



Muhammad Saifullah Mohd Isa



Managing DIrector

Nuraslina Zainal Abidin


Head Consulting

Zalizan Muid


To Be A Malaysian-Owned Regional Digital Player


Focused on penetrating the global market in the Public Sector through Enterprise Transformation, Government Technology and Intelligence Analytics. 

Core Values

We take pride in our values and ensure every connection we make is based on these fundamentals:


We are a performance-based culture that endures to do more with less – minimising waste and producing the best possible value in building our markets, people and shareholder value.


We are a merit-based organisation that stays ahead through learning, inclusiveness, and change.

We are committed to the highest standards of business ethics – infusing trust in all business relationships and doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.


We put our imagination to test and continuously invest in disruptive innovative solutions that achieve efficiency for our customers, people and communities.

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