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Partnership With Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) by Providing Learning Management System (LMS) for Training and Management Purposes During Covid-19 Pandemic.

Image by Yogendra Singh

Client:​ Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM)

Year:​ 2020


One of SPRM strategy is to accomplish their objective to nurture awareness about corruption to the public. This has been practiced for over the years since this commission has been established with integrity and transparency to eradicate corruption, abuse of power and malpractice in Malaysia. Despite the covid-19 pandemic, Malaysia has entered a phase under lockdown which caused a pause for every economic activity including training and work that has been conducted by SPRM.

Genaxis was appointed to provide LMS that could help SPRM train their member through virtual class   during Movement Control Order (MCO). Therefore, Genaxis provide one of their products which is CLAIRE (Comprehensive Learning Assessment in Regulated Environment) to help SPRM train their member during this period of time. Genaxis has successfully reached out to SPRM and a few objectives has been achieved:

  • Provided SPRM with effective and interactive virtual board that allows interaction berween educators and learners

  • Helped the SPRM and their team management understand CLAIRE system well

  • Facilitated SPRM during training to ensure the CLAIRE system and training sessions goes smoothly

SPRM successfully achieved:


  • Smooth Training through virtual Classroom equipped with interactive smart board

  • Understand CLAIRE Management system

  • Trainers able to conduct training everywhere and anytime during this pandemic


Throughout this partnership, this project aims to encourage SPRM to conduct training from home which ensures their members achieve the key objective of SPRM motives against corruptions. Genaxis, on the other hand, worked together with SPRM and helped their member to incessantly eradicate all forms of corruption, abuse of power and malpractice.

The benchmark studies conducted have given SPRM more exposure and better knowledge on how to conduct training effectively from home to make sure safety & wellbeing of their member, which is very important to the commission and the country.

The outcome

SPRM has since adopted a comprehensive learning approach via online learning and their ability to carry out their duty to be expected even during this covid-19 pandemic.  

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