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Business Process Reengineering for uCustoms, Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD)


Client:​ Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD)

Year:​ 2014


The Scope of project are:

  • Conducting BPR for all RMCD business and operational activities and  KPI's

  • Conducting Business Gap Assessments on all As Is RMCD process and KPI's

  • Conduct Benchmarking study on RMCD processes against World Customs Organizations Standards and Best Practice


Main objective is to produce Business Requirements for the development for uCustoms system. Project was conducted within 12 months and covered all operational processes, involving participation form HQ and all regions. BPR activities also involved more than 35 other Government agencies and industry players.

The outcome

BPR documents produced have been used by all relevant teams in the development of uCustoms as a reference and user requirements specifications.

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