Cattle Farming

Viridix Cattle farm is owned and managed by the Zainal Abidin family members and is part of the Genaxis Group of Companies, headquartered in Petaling Jaya. The family believe in the tremendous potential to supply halal, safe and nutritious beef to the growing markets in Malaysia and are committed to the cattle industry for the long term. As such, we are committed to sustainable halal management practices and to the welfare of our cattle, just as much as we are running Viridix as a business.

Notwithstanding the quality of the family’s land and cattle assets, the most valuable of all are the people that care for the cattle who at the same time act as both managers and custodians for future of halal beef supply of the future generations.

A combination of commitment to sustainable management practices, family ownership and a great team of people is the basis of Viridix long term vision for Halal Beef Supply.


Our Herd

Viridix Cattle farm runs a quality herd of approximately 500 KK cattle including 50 females being joined each year and with most progeny being turned off as yearlings. The top end portion of the heifer drop is drafted off each year to be retained as future breeders, to continually improve the genetics of our female base. Around 100 bulls are purchased annually, mainly from breeders in the Northern territory.

An emphasis is placed on fertility being the key driver of overall herd production. More recently a breeder segregation program has been implemented in order to match production, nutritional requirements of the herd and the natural environment.

The welfare of cattle is always foremost in decisions when considering different husbandry and transporting options and the company is always striving to achieve and promote higher standards in animal welfare.


Our Markets

The majority of the annual turnoff of 500 head is predominantly into the daily domestic demands from surrounding community and Qurban supplies. Both steers and heifers, with live weights targeted between 300 – 350 kg are typically sold at value between RM3,800 to RM 4,500 per head.

We are looking for partners to collaborate to provide us the ability to supply large consistent lines of halal and quality cattle/ meat throughout the year direct from our stations. Land, halal abattoir and cattle owners looking for partners to grow their business are encouraged to contact us.